1. Brand Identity &
Visual Language

Brand identity covers the visible elements of a brand, which identify and distinguish the brand in consumers’ minds. This includes things like logo design, typography, moodboards and colours, tone of voice, stationary, digital and print collaterals, packaging and a comprehensive Brand Manual with Brand Guidelines.

2. Website Design & Content

Eye-catching landing pages with content that hooks your customer, is our goal! Along with our partners, we provide a full range of services from design to UX and from content to coding.

3. Social Media Design & Content

We know that more and more consumers are turning to social media to get recommendations on the products and services they engage with. We write and design for all platforms including linkedin, facebook and instagram to get you the likes you need!

4. Infographics

Information is best consumed when presented in visuals. We understand the art of presenting precise factual information designed in an engaging layout.

5. Content Strategy

We help you plan and develop content ideas that connect with your audience through various mediums. Our focus is on creating a unique brand voice that makes you stand out.

6. Branded Content

Consistent messaging leads to a consistent brand identity. We help you develop things like your brand’s story, brand voice chart, brand attributes, product descriptions, marketing content, brochures and brand blogs.

7. Corporate communications

Put your best foot forward. We develop annual reports, investor presentations, company profiles, newsletters, emailers, brand presentations, press releases, thought leadership articles, customer service templates and more…