The era of the customer is here.

what is {CX}?

A brand’s value today is increasingly pegged to how customers “feel” when they connect with it, rather than what it is trying to
“sell”. Customer experience (CX) is your customers’ perception of their
experiences with your business or brand.
It is an impression your brand or
business leaves with the customer, across every touchpoint in the
customer journey.

Setting Yourself Apart.

why is {CX} important for you?

Brands and businesses today are no longer simply providers of products
or services- they have become a part of their customer’s lifestyles.
Customers are increasingly expecting brands to rise above transactional
relationships to create long-lasting emotional ones that deliver relatable,
distinctive and memorable experiences.

CX is of critical importance for differentiation and sustained growth.
Amongst other things, good CX builds brand loyalty, affinity and
customer retention
When customers feel positively about their experience
with your brand, they will promote your product or service, refer
their friends and come back for more.

Small businesses, Big Insights.

what can The Idea Studio {do for you}?

At The Idea Studio we provide you hands-on help with creating,
executing and auditing your CX strategy.
We are a boutique agency that works with small & medium businesses to provide big insights, without breaking then bank. We focus on qualitative data to lead the way by interacting at ground level with customers, customer service executives and customer facing
teams to get the full picture. Great CX requires a layered approach, customer-centric mindset, a lot of hard work, careful research and strategic implementation.

Our {Services}?


Creating & Auditing Customer
Journey Maps (CJM)

For new businesses who are beginning their journey, we help them imbibe a customer-centric mindset right from the start. For existing businesses, analysing and enhancing CJMs helps them differentiate themselves from their competitors. We create detailed customer journey maps, so that businesses can envision every customer touchpoint. We help them work on aligning functions to customer expectations by reducing pain points, friction areas, internal inconsistencies and suggesting possible solutions, so that they can harness their full potential.


Collecting Qualitative Data

We help businesses understand customer expectations by designing and conducting focus groups and designing & executing customer surveys. We also use analytical metrics like Customer Effort Score (CES), Net Promoter Score® (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), as invaluable tools to understanding these insights.


Elevating CX Experiences

With years of experience in luxury and retail, we love designing customer experiences, in-store and online, that set you apart and leave your customers delighted! We are happy to enhance experiences through the entire customer journey or at specific touchpoints like packaging & delivery, unboxing experience, sales, in-restaurant experiences, after sales services, shopping cart experiences, ease of billing etc.


Hospitality Audit

With over 36 countries visited, hundreds of hotels stayed at and thousands of restaurants dined in, we understand what a good hotel & restaurant experience feels like. We are happy to conduct mystery guest audits and experience every aspect of your value proposition through the eyes of a typical guest.


Workshops for Supporting &
Enabling Teams

The best candidates to represent a brand’s CX are its employees. We work with you and your team to collect employee feedback about core functions and enlist ways in which they can be enabled to implement cx strategies. This makes them invaluable catalysts for CX improvement.


A Measure of Success.

can CX be {assessed and enhanced}?

Yes! While there is no single universal checklist to quantify CX,
a good customer experience agency uses a combination of
tools to measure a brand’s experience as perceived by its
customers. Unlike a cookie cutter model to success,
evaluating CX requires strategic analysis of a brand’s
environments, its customers, its employees, its functions and
its value proposition in order to work out the best CX model
for every individual brand. Aspects like in-depth user
interviews and gathering data at key points of contact, as well
as tracking metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS®), Customer
Satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES) all
contribute to measuring CX.


84% of companies
that work to
improve their
customer experience report
an increase in their revenue.

Brands that lead in CX- retain a higher share of wallet and have customers that are
7xmore likely to purchase more from the company.

96%of customers
say customer
service is
in their choice of
loyalty to a brand.

Customers tell an average of
9 people about a positive
experience with a brand,
but they tell 16 people about a
negative experience.
Companies that use tools
like customer journey maps
reduce their cost
of service by15-20%

Loyal customers are 8x more likely to purchase again and
15x more likely to refer
a friend
to the company.


  •  It helps improve Customer Perception
  •  It inspires advocacy- what every business really wants is a brand loyalty. Satisfied customers are known to pay more for products that come with a great customer experience.
  •  It improves business KPIs- It is known to boost sales and revenue, retention, increases customer engagement, and reduces customer churn.
  •  It enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty
  •  It gives you a competitive edge in uncertain markets with heavy competition.

Customer service is one piece of the puzzle — focused on human interaction and directly supporting customers. Customer experience on the other hand is the entire puzzle- it is the sum of the entire customer journey with your business.

There are many warning signs that your business is facing a CX problem. Some of these include long wait times, employees who do not understand the customer needs or brand’s proposition, unresolved issues, failure to follow up, no revenue growth despite marketing efforts, too much automation, no word of mouth referrals, bad reviews, angry customers or employees, no personalization and more.

Absolutely. For a one-time flat fee we are happy to design a basic peripheral customer journey map for your business. This is will give you an overview of everything we are looking to address. An in-depth analysis of the customer touchpoints and suggested courses of action for you CX strategy, can be done when you engage our full service.

In our current situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, customer mindsets have changed. People have lost loved ones, jobs, and businesses and things they have taken for granted are no longer easy to access. This makes CX even more important, not just as a differentiating factor, but as a way for a brand to show empathy and make customer’s lives a little better. We are now serving a customer who wants to be touchless and digital but yet expects emotional connects, comfort and personalization. Your first question, therefore, shouldn’t be, “How can I grab market share?” or “How do I recover my top line?”. Your most pressing question should be, “How do I support my customers right now in a meaningful, human, and relevant way?”

Give us a call and we’ll evaluate your needs to explain which service is best for you.